In October of 1953 Chicago Magnesium Casting Company was founded by Donald R. Burnett after finishing his service in the navy and graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in metallurgy. The business began in a small one room cinder block building on a plot of land just south of Chicago in suburban Blue Island.   With a few dedicated workers the crew started pouring castings for the Piper Cub airplane and making castings for a jukebox.  By  1959 the company out grew that original dirt floor  building and the current site was built. The company grew in the sixties and seventies fueled by such companies as Sundstrand, Westinghouse and General Electric.  Expansion occurred, adding additions and new buildings every year and has grown to nearly 150 employees and a customer base that includes Boeing and United Technologies.
Since 1953 Chicago Magnesium has been at the forefront of magnesium and aluminum sand casting. Chicago Magnesium was the first foundry in the world to supply production castings in magnesium sand casting alloy WE43. Revolutionary at the time, this high strength corrosion resistant alloy developed by Magnesium Elektron offers excellent elevated temperature mechanical properties up to 480 degrees F. The alloy is targeted at applications such as helicopter and aero engine transmission cases.

Chicago Magnesium has the capabilities necessary to produce small, intricate castings as well as pieces weighing up to fifty pounds. Many casting produced by Chicago Magnesium have thin walls and require complex internal coring to satisfy design applications. We  produce castings for helicopters, jet fighters, jumbo transports and regional jets, satisfying many diverse applications both military and commercial. With NADCAP (National Association for Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditation of our special processes, Chicago Magnesium will be able to satisfy market demands both today and into the future.

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As we continue to innovate, we have incorporated production streamlining techniques and advanced technology. Our engineers use Solidworks and MAGMA software to simulate and develop casting design and production. The software is very beneficial towards enhancing casting integrity while providing cost reductions in research and development.
In October, 2013, Chicago Magnesium Casting Company celebrated its 60th anniversary in business.  The process of making a sand mold has changed over the years and the industry has developed new magnesium alloys.  We have been there for every step of the way and look forward to the next 60 years.

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